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Cinesite (also known as Cinesite Studios and Cinesite VFX) is an independent, multinational business which provides services to the media and entertainment industries. Its head office in London opened for business in 1994, initially offering services in visual effects for film and television, subsequently expanding to include feature animation.


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Very dysfunctional with a particularly antiquated attitude towards most things. Limited future visibility backed up by empty promises. The management team is largely incompetent, particularly senior management. No investment in training"

Former Employee - Runner says

"Micromanaging and nightmare time for a Runner"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The pipeline is very weak, as is the database. The security measures put in place to please the Disney overlord are super frustrating. Teeny-tiny desks and crappy chairs. Cheap computer monitors cause serious eye strain – especially in conjunction with the child-sized desks. Overtime is paid after 50 hours instead of 40, and is paid at time, not time and a half. Poor mid-level and senior management. Opaque management style. Very weak implementation of RV, which is pretty crappy software in the best of cases. Generally lousy technical infrastructure. Poor integration with the head London office."

Former Employee - Senior Artist says

"- feature animation management is a shame - low budget, low quality - deadlines stupid - don't listen to employees - try to put pressure for no reason - ego issues"

Former Employee - Digital Compositor says

"-Low quality work. Will tell you about the amazing projects they have. Then you find out they go to Vancouver or London. Or the work was given to them by another companies overflow. -Mismanaged -Two faced back stabbing supervisors and management. -Chase away hard working artists with talent -Hire based on friends and project needs. A lot of students. -English speaking people get snubbed and only talked to in French. Outcasted. -No room for growth. You have to approach them about raise and review. They'll tell you your great but won't give you a promotion or raise. - won't renew your contract until your last day or you've already left... if they notice. -don't care if your getting harassed/mistreated. - will promise low overtime hours and will keep you all night for fake deadlines. - no morale"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"-Projects have very low budgets, bad stories and no future. -3QU films have no real distributor and none of your work can be shown on your reel. -Quebec has the highest taxes in North America. -Quebecois can be combative and not welcoming to outsiders. -Production is delusional and have unrealistic expectations. Extremely micromanaging and overbearing. -Lots of undermining, plotting, scheming and finger pointing. -Extremely clicky. -VFX side small. Mainly comp and wire removal work. Little to no creature work. -Sergio Pablo's "Klaus" is on every piece of Cinesite Animation promo, yet it's not even being done in Montreal or London. Being done by Sergio's company in Spain. -Best described as a twisted cult."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Terrible organization! I used to work in the London office and it was much better. The talent in Montreal is green at best. Mistakes are made everywhere. There is no follow through. They are not pro active and spend their time in meetings rather than getting what needs to get done in a timely manner. I think this comes from a lack of knowledge and scared of making the wrong decision. I don't know how they get anything done and is the most OT I have ever done. I don't know how they will get their current show out. They have trouble hiring people and I guess for good reason! Their reputation is not good! The shows are not good either! Technology is lacking! Not even a decent wrap deformer exists here. They have to use Maya's. If you come here you might find you are the only person in your department on a low wage."

Current Employee - Compositor says

"The bullies, or in better terms: LeJerks. This group is formed by passive-aggressive supervisors, producers and HR folks. Each one of them live in their own bubble, don't interact with anybody unless they need to make a mark on a check box so they can get a tap on the back from upper management (whoever they are. Seriously, I never met any of these guys), and do all those things they tell you in school not to do if you want to keep working in this industry, yet they made it to where they are (ironic huh!). Sometimes I think people get infested by the comptent and condescending tone of the quebecois"

Former Employee - Lighting TD says

"Senior management was diabolical, psychotic and paranoid 2 to 3 people have been allowed to run Cinesites once great reputation into the ground. Clients just don't want to know anymore. Working practices were archaic and nepotism ruled the day."

Former Employee - Designer says

"* Salary is low. Even lower than some TV animation studios. I assume that they are saving money to invest on their IPs and expanding. However, they don't value artists. I get 1 week extension for another contract. They can use talents like toilet papers. So don't be emotionally attached otherwise you will hurt yourself. * They have a creative director/producer from LA who acts super positive and energetic in front of the crew but talked behind back instead of being honest and sincere with people. No one wants to work with him and I've seen people who worked under him and artists left because of him. I don't understand why they still haven't fired him although he made toxic environment. I guess he has connection in the industry? But why he moved to Montreal then? Maybe bad rep in LA? In tech, I've seen they do performance review and if they find someone in bad rep, they let them go immediately and keep everyone in safe and healthy environment. They should apply this in Animation industry as well. * There is no benefit, which I think it was super weird, especially this size of the company. * Montreal is cost of living is lower than other Canadian cities such as Toronto and Vancouver so they use this as excuse to pay their employee as low as possible. *"

Runner (Former Employee) says

"Even if you give your 110% and exceed the expectation as a Runner, the management team will always find something wrong about you, they don't care at all about the team spirit and the trust is so essential to have in a team and most of all toward your lead. The Runner position is not something complicated. Everyone can do it but for them, they will give you a hard time about it ; constant micromanaging on every task they give you and even if you try to put a little bit of leadership, to do a task on your proper will when you know how to do something that will solve an issue for the artists, your lead will smash you and make you feel your are in the wrong by saying a bunch reasons that don't make sense. They want to control you, to make you feel that your are on the edge at every moment. I don't recommend this place at all ! They need to make radical change toward the way they treat the Runners. I cannot believe that in 2019 they still have business with this kind of management ! You need to be already an artist and be hire in a department to enjoy the place, otherwise, forget about it !The artists are niceMicromanaging and nightmare time for a Runner"

Visual effects artist for "Solaris", "Xmen 2 (Former Employee) says

"Worked on some visual effects for film. It was an okay job but the studio closed. I don't know if they ended up being in the film or not. There's still a branch in the UK.PayStressed out boss"

RUNNER (Former Employee) says

"Pretty cutthroat when you work in admin. They don't care for the runners or for anyone. I don't recommend this place unless you are an artist.. then, they'll want to accommodate you. Also, they say they don't micromanage but that's a lie. Your lead will hover and drive you nuts. So unless you like that stuff.. find a better studio. There's studios out there that offer programs and have better work ethics. Unfortunately, Cinesite isn't one of them.None.30 min lunch, no break. Micromanaging"

Animator (Former Employee) says

"Had no direct problems personally. Most days we would just do our jobs, but every once in a while tempers would fly from management and then things would get hostile, often personal and unproductive. And the crew would lower their heads and go quiet like an abused child. Note: Allot has changed in the last few years, with the company in Vancouver, including new ownership, so things may be very different now.Good projectsNo paid OT, No benefits"

System Administrator (Former Employee) says

"I learned a lot. Management was inexperienced. Great perks and you meet awesome artists. Hours are terrible. Atmosphere is fast-paced and dynamic.Free breakfast and expressoManagement sucks"

Roto/Paint (Former Employee) says

"Relaxed. Learn from other artist. Interactions with other artist and departments. Balance between personal life and work hours. Nice facilities and excellent location." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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